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Hello! I’m taking commissions.

I’m not totally set about what I can draw since it’s my first time, but looking at my previous works should give you an idea of what I’ll do for sure.

- can do NSFW. But most probably not too weird fetishes.

- Monster girls are fine, but no furry (10% ones are fine)

- So are SFW males. NSFW gay won’t be accepted though, except maybe for traps.

If you are interested, please email me at a brief description of your commission, I’ll then confirm whether or not I can do it, then you can send me all the details. Reference pictures would be obviously appreciated.

“Classic" digital drawings

  • Prices for sketches (as in not clean, but still detailed)

-Bust : 16$

-Half Body : 23$

-Full body : 33$

  • Prices for linearts (bust, half body and full body)

-Lineart (adapted for shading, optionally with flat colors) : 28, 37, 50$

-Lineart (with hatching shading) : 35, 42, 55$

-Lineart with monochrome shading : 50, 62, 78$

-Lineart with colored shading : 58, 70, 88$

  • Optional content

- Other combinations like “hatching shading with color” and “sketch with shading” are accepted.

- Basic shading.

- One additional character is priced 90%.

- A second additional character and more are priced 80%.

- Price of the background will depends of its complexity.

- Complex perspective and pose, again, added price will depends.

- Same for complex clothes (though it can at the same time equilibrate the price if it hides big portions of the body)

- nude and/or other NSFW variations.


I’m also open for those. The canvas is very small, doesn’t allow to use a layer and are in monochrome. As such, more adapted for quicker small drawings, but can still be fairly detailed, similarly to lineart with hatching.…

Starts at 14$ for simpler ones.

Notes :

- I’ll send you WIPs to be approved before continuing if you want to.

- I can try to replicate the author’s faces if it’s a fanart.

- ask me if you want a particular style (for sketch/lineart/shading renders) I previously did.

- The commission is for personal use only.

- I’ll post it like my usual drawings on my blog. I don’t mind if you want to repost your HQ version somewhere.

- It won’t have a signature/watermark, but I would appreciate credit if you repost it.

Payment :

- With Paypal.

- I’ll begin the commission after receiving half of the payment.

- I’ll send you a preview of the final product, you’ll then send me the remaining money, and finally I’ll give you the full sized PNG drawing.

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Just here to say hello.
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Hey! Dropping by to let you know the group B2S will be featuring
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Your line work is insane!
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